Jette Joop

As a mother of two and as a designer, I have rigorous requirements on my strollers.

One key component of this mandate is my unique Memory Foam seat insert. The material originates from aerospace technology and is engineered to conform to your child’s body to maximize baby comfort, as well as to support and protect the head and neck. Color enriches our lives. Therefore I can select a colored insert to match my stroller, match my mood, children’s clothes, or just to keep a fresh insert while the other is being cleaned.

All textile materials used are certified by ÖKOTEX and the canopies are equipped with built-in UV protection.

Lucky kids, happy parents!
Sincerely yours


MF Concept
From space to your stroller.

High level of safety and comfort by Memory Foam technology adapting to the body structure.

Grade 1 for JETTE JOEL

Tested quality for our products.

Our stroller JETTE JOEL was rated with the best mark at the stroller test.

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